Future Projects
--- We will bring complete POS hard soulutions and satisfactions to each customers with best quality,innoviative price, and reasonable price
  In future years, the POS world market will become increasingly fickle, changing at a pace faster than ever before. To maintain market strength, we need to stay ahead of the times and develop market niches. We will use our strong foundation to actively launch integrated R&D, manufacturing and marketing strategy by, for instance, developing innoviative design and reasonable price of POS system and pheriphals and providing special and added-on value product according to customer requirements and added value products. At the same time, we will continue to invest in the expansion of productivity and marketing channels, growing hand- in-hand with customers and sharing with them the results of this growth.

Having carefully assessed future market trends, Puritron Technology Inc. will develop a complete line of POS hardware products and key components of other POS pheriphals. Together
with the powerful R&D competency and flexible operation and marketing strategies to better satisfy the needs of downstream customers and offer" overall POS hardware services".

The products covered under our future development plan are different from those being developed in the Taiwan market, while also being complementary to them. With the POS and information industries predicted to show remarkable growth the world over, Puritron expects to share in this growth and will work even harder to reach new targets. We are firmly confident of gaining more sales income and profit in the future, and look forward to sharing even greater profits with our investors and supporters.

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