Manufacturing Quality Assurance
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Qualilty is the foremost concern of each and every one of us at Puritron, because we understand quality is the key. Whenever quality in involved, compromise is out of the question, and we believe supreme quality can only be achieved through incessant pursuit of improvement day in and day out.

Puritron Technology Inc. is an ISO 9001(2000 version) registered design and manufacturing resource and maintains our registration with biannual audits. As such, rigid processes, as well as continuous training methodology, are in place to govern all facets of our daily operations.

Unlike other electrical and IT industries, POS industry is an industry that requires extensive mass customization. Puritron Tech's flexible and dynamic production skills enable us to compete successfully in such an environment. In-process inspection is performed in all production areas. Quality Assurance, not subordinate to manufacturing but reporting directly to the Chief Executive, has the authority to audit processes and product at any time. Besides, new products, pilots, or products undergoing recent change by EN are normally inspected 100% until stability is statistically proven. Any item knowingly received or manufactured outside established process must be presented to MRB for decision prior to use.

In 2001, in recognition of Puritron Tech's dedication to ensuring that product development processes are performed in a quality manner, the company received ISO 9001 certification.

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