In the past 8 years, Puritron is dedicated to the development of sustainable computer systems, providing high quality and innoviative design POS computer system and periphals, as well as related office automation computer equipment, bringing in total integrated solutions for POS industry.

In the recent two years, with the right marketing positioning and strong R&D competency, Puritron Technology Inc. has designed and manufactured a series of POS system and peripherals, which include LCD Touch POS system, VFD customer displays, programmable keyboard, CCD scanner.


Extending and evolving on the past experience on POS systems and peripherals, Puritron has created the strong competitive advantage. Based on this philosophy and advantages, Puritron Technology Inc has carved out a niche for itself in POS market. In the meanwhile, we understand that we have to position ourselves are not only a POS system manufacturer, but also a total hardware solution for our customers to produce the unique POS system and peripherals for our customers and reach market.

Puritron Technology Inc.'s enterprise strategy toward next ten year is clearly to define: to design and manufacture the POS systems and peripherals with the highest quality, the most innoviative design and the lowest price in niche market, to grow up with our customer and supplier, and to share profit with employees and owners. These actions bring added value. Profit sharing is the most important and fundamental philosophy of Puritron.

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